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Software for compiling Communication System Test Program
Easy Script

Easy Script

Easy Script is the software to execute the system test efficiently and smoothly in developing the mobile phone system.

Just only compiling Script file for every test case,
You can utilize Easy Script as the scenario program which operates the software of artificial base station for mobile phone.


System configuration
Preparation for Test:
Compile test scenario and save it as Script file by using the private editor.

Execution of Test:
Start Easy Script on the artificial base station(Tester) for mobile phone.
By reading Script file, Test scenario is executed following it.


Editorial of Scenario
Scenario is compiled with the private editor.
With the private editor it is possible to unite the sequence at test item level such as Mobile originate call, Mobile terminate call and sending and receiving SMS.
You can also unite the sequence of the quasi- normal type and abnormal type like case of Failure/Reject.

To read existing Script file and to recompile the sequence or the message data (PDU etc) make it possible to increase the test variation efficiently. 


Now, to execute the system test of the mobile phone system, the scenario program is compiled with C language adjusting to the test case.
It is necessary to verify this scenario program, as it is just compiled program.
In addition, as for compilng this program, you need to know the knowledge such as GSM specification(AirSpec) and W-CDMA specification.

If you utilize Easy Script, you can execute system test easily without concerning about program.
Compilng Script file with the private editor, start Easy Script on the artificial base station(Tester) for mobile phone,
make it read Script file, and Test scenario is executed following it.

 * Introduction of Easy Script can reduce time for test process.
 * You can compile test scenario, even if you are not well versed GSM specification(AirSpec) or W-CDMA specification.
 * Without the necessity to develop the scenario program (C language), test precision improves.

About registered trade mark
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