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ISO14001 Certifications

TSP Co., Ltd. is certified and registerd to "ISO14001・スF2004" at March 2, 2006; the certification of environmental management systems provided by the International Organization for Standardization.

The scope is to design, develop, maintain and manage the consigned software based on the requirements by customers.

TSP Co., Ltd. keeps on moving environmental management into action, concerning for the environment.

ISO14001 Certifications

Company/Certified Site

TSP Co., Ltd. Head Quarter

Scope of registration

The business activity related to design, develop, maintain and manage the consigned software based on the requirements by customers

Applied standards

ISO 14001:2015/ JIS Q 14001:2015

Registration number


Date of Registration

March 2, 2006

Expiration date

August 26, 2024

Certified by

JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.

Environment Line

We recognize the importance of environment conservation and antipollution measure,
aim to "Coexistence of business activity and global environment protection", and,
as a company, fulfill our social responsibilities through the following provisions:

  1. In each phase from developing to maintenance cosigned software, we make a continuous effort for environmental improvement like energy saving, resource saving, reducing waste stuff.

  2. We devote ceaseless effort to improve environment management systems and prevent environmental pollution.

  3. We observe environmental regulations and other requirements that our company agrees.

  4. To implement this Line, we set challenging environmental purposes and targets every year and reveiw them at regular intervals, basing on the envioronmental laws and aspects.

  5. We implement and maintain this Line as envioronment management systems, let all of the asigned people in the establishment and contractors know this Line and request themto understand and cooperate the Line.

  6. When the indication of this policy is demanded from outside the company, we deal it out to the public.

A challenge to reduce CO2


By reducing the electric power consumption, the emission of CO2 per one year is set less than 81t-CO2.


A challenge of biodiversity conservation activity


By reducing spending resources(papers) and energy(electric power), and cleaning waste properly, we challenged the sustainable biodiversity conservation for the society with the resource circulation.

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